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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
No, that's not fair. People seem to conveniently forget that there was a 10 year old child involved and that if Batman did intend to 'kill' Dent like so many believe he was doing so at the risk of that young boys life - which is exact opposite of what happened. Dent death was collateral, Bruce's intention was to save the kid not worry about whether Dent would fall or not. Frankly how people can interpret it any other way, even after 5 years astounds me.
Whoa, calm your horses. I never said anything about Batman's 'intention'.

I merely stated that he did indeed tackle Harvey, which caused Harvey to go over the edge, and which ultimately led to his death. That's a fact, it's what happened.

His reasoning for doing so in another argument entirely. It was totally justified IMO, but it doesn't change the fact that Batman did do it.

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