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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
He's supposed to be smart, though.
I'm sure Mel Gibson can do smart.

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Yeah I get that complaint for sure. I guess I just didn't get enough Bryan Cranston/Walter White, watching him perform is insane though, I doubt many actors would be able to top what he could turn in.

I've seen people criticize Cranston as Lex because he's played a bald villain before, yet they then go on to suggest Mark Strong as Lex. I feel like that suggestion is even less inspired because the way he usually portrays villains isn't anything particularly original. At least Cranston would be captivating to watch, Mark Strong just plays a classical stereotypical villain every time. I guess I just don't appreciate his acting style as much as other people. He's a solid actor, there's no denying that, but I've never been amazed by anything he's done. I sincerely hope that he isn't cast, because I know exactly how he would be as Lex. We have an idea of how Cranston would be too, and the idea of that just excites me more.
I agree. Wouldn't Mark Strong be playing the same guy he played in Kick-Ass?

I've binge watched all of Breaking Bad and these clips below pretty much had me sold to Cranston as Luthor. It wouldn't exactly be Heisenberg vs Superman, sure they're bald sinister psychopaths, but it really depends on what iteration they go with. He may not be the greatest scientific mind on Earth even(like Walter White), for all we know, he's a bigger than Zuckerberg business tycoon as seen on Smallville or he could already be President. At least that way we can save ourselves from another Luthor who just wants land.

Imagine this, Superman is down on the ground, costume in tatters and surrounded by the eerie green glow of Kryptonite. Then Luthor looks down on him and says the words from 0:51.

and then there's

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