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Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
There are loads of opponents in the Hulk mythos that can be used for a showdown with ole Jade Jaws before we HAVE to get to Rulk. The Cube episodes of EMH showcase a ton of Hulk baddies that in a team up or in solo outings could be used to thrash the Hulk.
Unless each member of the team is Hulk's equal, it's hard to make Hulk look like an underdog against a squad that he could easily pound one by one. It's not just about 'anyone but Rulk' it's about who can bring the most drama and conflict to the Hulk's life.

Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
Perhaps a revamped Abomination, or introduce Leader's brother Madman?
An army of Humanoids?

Or my own admittedly crazy as hell idea, Annihilus (in a story that brings Bruce to a cosmic forefront, whether or not he and the Other Guy are prepared for that sort of thing).

Basically anything but a Hulk repaint please.
Isn't Madman a Hulk repaint, essentially? Moreso than Ross, even. I imagine experimenting on Philip would come before putting the perfect version on Ross in the proverbial Leader-Rulk teamup film, which would follow naturally from TIH story-wise.

The U-Foes are interesting, Hulk going against varied types of powers is cool. They have potential, but they're also incredibly expensive to bring to screen, even moreso than the Fantastic Four, because you have three fully CGI figures on the screen at once. Also you'd have to make them personal, which could be a feat for characters whose motivations are traditionally unexplored, and they don't at all continue the story from TIH. Of course, that may be the goal, to make a clean break from that and those characters. All I would say is, that if you do use those, give them significant power ups. They'd basically need to be as mighty as the Avengers. For extra yuks, cast Ioan Gruffud as Vector, Jessica Alba as Vapor, and Michael Chilis as Ironclad.

Regardless, they definitely need to bring in the Hulk mind stuff. I think the EMH cartoon did it really well with mirrors, I think that works better cinematically and metaphorically than introducing some sort of mindscape.

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