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I'm actually hoping that it's Nick Fury. He's the man who brought The Avengers together. He was the one who didn't allow for a nuclear strike on New York. Nick Fury dying, being replaced with Maria Hill and having a new director who's far less sympathetic to The Avengers who'll lead a darker SHIELD and might butt heads with the rest of the cast is incredibly interesting to me.

I wouldn't kill off more than one character for this since Avengers 3 with Thanos is the opportunity to murder most of the cast. If I had to choose anyone else, it would be Hawkeye. He'd have so much tension with Cap over Black Widow and then having himself die a noble sacrifice for Cap would be all worthwhile. Of the main six, I doubt that Hawkeye will ever get his own film so having him go out in a blaze of glory would be the right way to handle him.
I think Fury might die in Winter Soldier. Feige keeps saying after we see that film, everyone will understand retroactively why SHIELD wasn't there to save the president or to help Thor in London, and why the Avengers need to come back together (and probably why Stark introduces Ultron.) Of course Jackson will be back if he's dead though, he's got too many films left on his contract for Marvel to off him all together.

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