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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
The problem is that it came out of left field. We know that Kal El was a genuinely good person who wanted to help but the movie never went out of it's way to show how much he valued human life.

And come on I hate to beat a dead horse but look at how many lives were lost during his fight with Zod. Measures could have been taken to save more lives but for whatever reason they weren't. Poor writing, poor characterization, poor whatever... the fact is the movie never hammered home the message that Kal El was more interested in saving lives than he was with engaging Zod. If anything he showed more remorse over Zod's death than he did any of the hundreds of thousands of people in Metropolis who had died over the course of the movie.

And not to mention, he didn't really even have to kill Zod right then and there. He had him in a headlock. He could have flown the both of them away for the time being. So it's not like Superman was backed into a corner. He broke Zod's neck because the filmmakers wanted to force a discussion topic, that's pretty much it. It didn't really arise organically from story or character.

But when will it end. They made Zod hellbent. He either would have dies there or died later. Kal pleaded with Zod. He pleaded. He said stop. He said dont do it. Kal did not come up behind Zod and Steven Segal his arse.

Kal begged, pleaded, "DONT DO IT" What did Zod say? "NEVER"

I dont think its ever organic for a good guy superhero to kill someone. Whether you build up to it or not. Its shocking.

In a way there was building. Zod spoke clearly saying the he will kill everyone, and that one of us will die.

There was a plan. Kal was working with the military. To send the kryptonians back in the Phanton Zone. It worked but Zod was no where near the zone to be sucked in. Kal almost got sucked in but he had to fly hard with Lois in his arms to get out of there. Measure were taken but acting quickly was imperative. People died in the Avengers but not one Avengers felt bad about. They just did a collage.

He values human life. He was doing that the whole movie. In Smallville he saved the soldiers in danger. He was in India to destroy the world engine to save lives. He saved Lois. LOL.

But when Superman is being attacked, people just need to get out the way save themselves.

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