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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I think the Shingen fight made the final fight all the more disappointing. Wolverine vs Shingen was the highlight of the movie for me and it just seemed to go downhill after that, culminating in a really poor final fight. Maybe the EE and extended Ninja fight will make this not the case.

Wolverine vs SS, the final fight should be the climax of the movie, in both that it is the end and the best part, not every CBM has done this and TW was one of them. Wolverine vs SS was the worst fight in the movie for me, and the worst action sequence as well.
I definitely agree with you on that... Not only was the fight with Shingen better executed, it had an emotional layer to it. Wolverine's rage in that scene is strongly felt, its vengeance not only for Mariko but for Yukio as well.

Its like 2 minutes but its so epic, its so visceral and for most of the fight Wolverine is effectively losing. Shingen is just a normal man, and yet he probably landed like 3 or 4 hits which would mean death for anyone else!

Plus Wolverine effectively performing reverse hara-kiri/Seppuku... It was so perfect, it perfectly represented the "Wolverine" part of Logan coming back to life. The writing leading up to that scene was just perfect, Shingen's apparent death by Viper's poison was awesome! Wolverine's self surgery epic! Yukio Vs Shingen was even better than Wolverine VS SS!

Sanada and Jackman really gave it their all in that scene and you can feel it when you watch it. Facing a CGI Warrior you don't have that intensity to feed off of, So while Jackman gives it his best, its not quite as intense as the Shingen battle.

Maybe Fox felt that they needed a big end, but in all honesty that Battle is my favourite One on One Fight in a comic book movie...

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