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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Why do you think Jor-El didn't have combat as a part of his genetic manipulation? It would make sense for all Kryptonians to have these basic functions. After all, Jor-El had battle armor. Zod is a warrior. What separates him from Jor-El isn't his ability to throw a punch, but his state of mind and how he thinks. He thinks in a very militaristic way.
I think it's a weak way to portray the Kryptonian society which is said to be so extreme. Jor-El talks about how no one could ever aspire to be something else than what they were born to be, so why would they have scientists bred to be good fighters? When they talk about Krypton in the movie it sounds like an awesomely terrible society, but I think it gets watered down and even contradicted by what we get to see.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
What you are missing, is he isn't doing that. He is very much working within his culture's framework, just like Zod and the Council. He was breed to think the way he does, and it is why he comes to the conclusion that he does. It is a clean cut. The end of the corrupted Krypton.

It is pretty simple really.
What does Jor-El do that a human wouldn't do then? If it's pretty simple you should be able to point exactly to where he differs.

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
I am not sure what this is reference to. The problem is how they think, what they represent, not their genetic material.
You said "they realize that they are inherently flaw on a genetic level". That seems pretty contradictory to what you're saying now.

It would also be very weak to talk about how krypton genetically modifies people to fit into what society demands of the individual and then not have it be a big factor. Why would you bother with genetic manipulation if you don't make people perfect for their tasks?

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
I don't see how these things are "negative". It isn't like Clark decides to not save his father. He is going to do it, and his father makes him pause. By the time Clark comprehends what he is being told, it is too late. There is no decision to be made. Pa Kent can't be saved.

Clark clearly reflects the danger he puts others in. He goes and sees a priest about it. He pauses before making the decision to destroy the scout ship.He goes out of his way to save two soldiers in the middle of battle with two Kryptonians. He breaks Zod's neck because of it.

It is very present.
First of all I think it is a disservice to the character to have him make the choice not to save his father. Other than that he does have a choice to do it before he's told not to. He could have ran and checked on him when the other car came crashing down on the Kent car. That seemed pretty serious and there was no Jonathan to tell him not to in that moment, as well as the storm wasn't upon them quite yet. Martha is about to run there and check but Clark stops her and doesn't do anything but watch.

The part where he saves the soldiers is exactly what I want to see from Superman, and unfortunately it's just not present in the final confrontation with Zod, when I felt that was the conflict that would birth the real Superman. They just kept attacking with little care and even Superman used the city as a weapon. I think his extreme compassion is a very important "flaw" to balance his extreme power level. Perhaps I would have thought it worked better if the terraforming hadn't already wrecked huge parts of the city.

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