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Default Re: 17 Signs it's a Marvel Studios Movie

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
You just described about 90% of all Hollywood movies.
I can agree with that. It is what it is. Marvel is not the only culprit in this.

But what has deterred me is Feige's arrogance with respect to how he has treated his directors. Plus, why are you going to bring in big time actors and give them nothing to work with? Portman's character was the most vapid, listless character I had seen from her since THE PREQUELS. She was given nothing to work with. That's probably on Branagh at the end of the day, and they obviously got rid of him, but I didn't come out of that feeling like it was a Branagh film. The Shakespeare element was nonexistent. All I got was some bull **** character like Darcy to make the material accessible to young audiences, and a supporting cast that was absolute dead weight, aside from Hopkins. And now Skarsgaard's character is apparently comic relief, which is quite funny because I can imagine him quipping with his pants down (haven't seen TDW obviously so I don't know how that played out exactly).

Then the fiasco with Patty Jenkins, and to go with Taylor, which seemed like a fine choice from the outset (I love Game of Thrones), but humor isn't exactly what comes to mind when I think of that series. I think of a big time character driven, drama piece which seems lacking with these reviews.

I thought IM3 was a small step in the right direction, but that kind of directing suits the material and RDJ's talent. The comedy is not awkwardly placed for a summer blockbuster either. It was an entertaining followup to Avengers. But here we are in mid November, when the awards season heats up, and Marvel can't aim for something higher, with an accaimed producer/writer responsible for a season of the best series on TV right now? Am I asking for too much? Seems like the critics chewed on TDW for a bit and will **** it out well before the week's end. Does every film need to be an action/comedy now? No, absolutely not.

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