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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
I do hope in Avengers 3, we get to see some diversity. I don't think we'll see it in this film outside of Nick Fury. Out of the other black characters introduced though in MCU (Rhodey, Falcon, Gabe Jones), Falcon has the best chance of being an Avenger in this film. I don't see it though.

I hope it's going to be Falcon, Rhodey, Black Panther or even Wasp in Avengers 3 that provides the Avengers with some much needed color, although Rashida Jones (if she becomes Janet) is mixed.
I was too lazy to check for this, but is Rashida Jones rumored to be Janet? I love Rashida Jones...

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