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I love that cameo. I was totally surprised and laughed that I couldn't hear the dialogue. The audience was cheering, too.

Originally Posted by The Caped Knight View Post
Originally Posted by xeno000
The story of how that scene was originally shot is almost as hilarious as the scene itself.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Initially, the scene was shot with just Hemsworth and Hiddleston, with Evans and others to be digitally inserted later. Hiddleston was supposed to wear normal Loki gear, but he insisted upon shooting the sequence in Evans' Captain America costume because otherwise he would never get to wear it. So they did it that way, with Hiddles doing an impersonation of Evans as Captain America.

Later on Evans was shown Hiddleston's impression of him before shooting his part. He then did an impersonation of Hiddleston impersonating him. Hiddleston said that Evans' performance was brilliant for that alone, never mind how hilarious he was. The best part is that the footage of Hiddleston impersonating Evans while wearing the Cap uniform is going to be on the Blu-Ray. I cannot wait to see that.
Can't wait to see that on BR.

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