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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
I didn't like that Darcy's "intern" managed to be shown lifting a car and smashing it over some Elves (due to gravity distortion, true) but we hardly see Thor shown to be a physically powerful character. Did he perform one great feat without the hammer in this film? It's why I was not exited or impressed with the beatdown Kurse gave him in the film. Thor was not shown to be impressively strong in the first place. Seeing him pummeled without his hammer seemed par for the course to the audience. If they had shown how physically powerful Thor was before, the Kurse scenes would pop more on screen.
That is true. Granted, we're supposed to assume that because they are aliens (Asguardians, Dark Elves, Frost Giants, etc.), they are stronger than humans. However, Thor hasn't necessarily shown too many feats of strength without his hammer. Hell, his fight with Malekith unfortunately made it seem like Thor can hardly hold his own with Mjolnir.

The strongest thing we've seen Thor do without Mjolnir was holding up (with both arms and on his knees, btw) Hulk's arm.


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