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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Warhammer View Post
Which is unfortunate.

Darcy was just fine in the first film. I understood the need for the comic relief since the concept of Thor is a little out there. But now he's established. The amount of Darcy in this film was unnecessary. And then adding the intern was just salt on the wound. While we're at it, the amount of comic relief in general was too much and was poorly placed within scenes. Why even hire Alan Taylor if the film was going to be more lighthearted than the first?
Again, 100% agreed. Only thing I don't agree with is that Darcy wasn't necessary at all in Thor 1. All the fish-out-of-the-water situations in the first movie with Thor were enough.

If at least they had come out with something really good for Darcy to say. But in a world with The Simpsons, South Park or Seinfeld, coming up with mispronouncing "Mjolnir" is just poor. And extremely so.

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