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Default Re: By the Bristling Beard of Odin! The Thor Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by cthulhu View Post
Admittedly Odin headbutting Galactus was pretty cool as was Coipel's art. Fraction's run was really poor and that first arc with the world eaters was terrible. It was interesting that they brought Gillen back to write Journey into Mystery at the same time as he clearly had a better grasp on the title.
I read the World Eaters arc and honestly I think I liked the idea of the World Eaters more than the actual story or any of the characterizations in it. I didn't read beyond that because I kept hearing bad things about it, namely that Fraction can't write Thor himself to save his life - as World Eaters demonstrated.

I haven't read much of anything else by Fraction so I might as well ask - has he ever written anything worth reading?

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