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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
"And also, Hawkeye is a field operative of SHIELD."

Feige has spoken.
Yep. Sure has. In fact, he goes right on to say "Selvig is a university professor. [Laughs]"

(Pseudo-)spoiler alert: Selvig is *not* still a university professor in TDW. He's in the nut hatch. So Feige is talking about their status in The Avengers, and how their occupations prepare them to deal with the mindrape trauma in different ways. He's not talking about their status *post*-Avengers.

That settles it. Close the thread. And for God's sake, no more bizarre fantasies about Hawkeye going on trial for acts committed while under Loki's control, because that was never going to happen.
Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Him being off on a mission still makes more sense them some bullcrap trial scenario. I'd rather the writing be lazy than it be stupid and nonsensical.
Another thing: I'm sick to death of watching you guys get off on these crass insults to people's (mainly mine, but plenty of others as well) theories as "stupid," "nonsensical," "bizarre," and fill in any number of synonyms that belittle the poster's intelligence or mental capacity. All I'm offering is theories; you can feel free to disagree all you want, but try it in a civil manner.

Don't get me wrong; my skin is thick. Thicker than anybody else's here, I'll wager, because it comes with the territory where I work and where I'm from. But this isn't 4chan, so I'm not free to tell you haters what I *really* want to say, or to let the flames fly freely. (Yay for alliteration.) But I *am* tired of being forced to dance on eggshells with what I am allowed to say around here while you people get away with tripe like this on a regular basis.

It ends now. From now on, I'm playing fast and loose and hard with the Report button. You can't debate things without resorting to childish insults, then consider yourself reported from here on out. I'm done with it.


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