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I don't feel that the U-Foes need any power boosting. As stated before, Vector was once shown blowing the flesh right off of Hulk, leaving him a barely held together mass of skinless thin muscles over his skeleton. The rest are also pretty impressive and in both use of powers and visually are a potential real treat to see live action. The wanna be FF thing would need a revamp too for obvious reasons. That being said, a rich politician that latches onto Bruce Banner, perhaps dangling a cure or convincing him that he could find some ways similar to the Avengers of using the Hulk as a force for good in the world could also work. Of course he really just needs Banner's expertise to finish his "PROJECT: U-FOES".

Using a team against Hulk has it's advantages since most CBM's have one on one villain finales, or team up 2-3 solo villains over the course of a film's runtime to thwart our hero. But I don't think a full on team of villains versus one hero has been done. Overcoming the U-Foes would be good for the Hulk on film. It would change up the expectations of the last 20 minutes of the film just being another over blown wrasslin match.

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