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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

Originally Posted by Mr.T View Post
I viewed these scenes a little differently than what's been written here:

1. I thought Loki just turned himself back into the same guard he showed Thor when they were sneaking out of Asgard. Why else would they show him in this form earlier and allow him to converse with Thor?

2. The scene in the dungeon where he spoke with his mother was genuine because it was his mother conveying her image down there to talk with him. After all, Thor mentions Loki "had all her tricks" when they were arguing just after they hit the secret portal and landed in the world of the dark elves in the flying boat thingy. I left the film thinking Loki learned his shspeshifting and image conveying skill from Thor's mother.

This is how I saw it and will be taking the family this weekend to see it. So I'll have a better interpretation after a 2nd viewing.

As for Odin, I left thinking Odin possibly left to find Loki. The "guard" never said where they found the body, only who the body belonged to. And Odin's reaction seemed like a father concerned. Maybe I read too much into his reaction...
The guard was an actual guard earlier in the movie.....when Frigga dies, that guard actually comes to Loki's cell. That's the same guard that Loki disguises himself as when he's goofing with Thor, and again when he deceives Odin. So I'm assuming that's a recognized guard, some kind of royal steward or chamberlain or something who has cache with both Frigga and Odin, and who cares enough about Loki to sneak down to the dungeon to inform him of Frigga's death.

And I don't think Odin is "absent" from Asgard in any fashion. He's flat out dead, and I think that's the worst use of off-screen action in the MCU to date. Anthony Hopkins and Alan Taylor specifically confirmed that Odin is dead in an interview over on CBM; Feige is a little more elusive about it.

Said Anthony Hopkins, "He's dead. I've done two, that's enough." And director Alan Taylor said the same thing adding, "That was a big twist. It took us a while to realize that we were actually going to kill him. And then it took us a while to realize that we were going to do that at the end." But Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was a bit more diplomatic, stating, "Like all of our plans at Marvel Studios, we know where we would like to go if given the opportunity. We have very good ideas whether the All-Father is with us or not."


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