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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post

I think you are right in that we just disagree. This is just a matter of opinion. Even if something is executed incorrectly in any movie it's still down to if it's a flaw that matters to you or not, and all movies have flaws. If I watch MoS again I'm probably going to try to do it with the one of my friends who is a Superman fan. That might help me get in a different mindset.

Cool. Now we've put a lot of words into MOS, time to move on to Thor, this is Thor world thread after all.

Personally, I loved TDW, and am really surprised by Thor fans who didn't. I thought it had all the ingredients of the first film, a pretty menacing villain, and an even stronger performance by Loki (he stole every scene, Hiddleston has just redefined the character, I'd be surprised if we didn't see the Comic Loki emulate his performance).

Like I said, I found the romance a bit unconvincing, but since it was a super-hero movie, that isn't the main thrust. The visuals were staggering, I'll admit they were the equal of MOS, and that's saying a lot for me ( I gave TDW an 8/10 and MOS 9/10, and that's considering I'm not a Thor fan).

The music.....kind of forgettable, Kurse....a bit one-dimensional (but that's his job, to be a mindless engine of destruction), but other than that I thought Marvel really did themselves proud (the mid-credits scene doesn't count).

What I actually hated most was Kat Dennings, cute she may be, but she's exactly the same in every film or tv programme, she's meant to be funny but she's just mildly annoying and superfluous.

I suppose since Selvig returned (and that was terrific comedy !) she sort of needed to be there, but her and the Chris O'Dowd thing just kind of got in the way.

(While thinking of comedy in Marvel films, you've given me an idea for a Marvel vs DC comedy/serious thread )

But that's enough from me. What didn't you like about TDW ?
No film is perfect so there has to be something. Where would this film
disappoint Thor fans ?

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