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Default Re: Should AGE OF APOCALYPSE be released in 2 Parts?


I would have had DOFP as a two part movie each comprising two hours each.The future needs to be shown much more than the one they are currently showing in DOFP.I would have loved to see a long battle between the mutants(Wolverine,Magneto,Xavier and rest) vs Sentinels.They could have shown the death of many mutants including some beloved ones like Storm,NightCrawler and Yukio.Who wouldn't love a battle between giant robots and numerous mutants with varying powers?Action scenes are very popular with the general audiences and the death of many beloved mutants would have shown how grim and dark is the future.It would be arguably be the best opening scene in CBMs.Then the movie could cut to a flashback scene where Charles Xavier would explain how the death of one man started this mutant massacre.

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