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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Skip the Jason Todd altogether. I never really liked it too much. It makes me hate Batman. How can you let Joker kill your partner? Joker should have had all his limbs broken to the point of being paralyzed at least. Batman is all talk sometime. Why would anyone fear him. If he didn't snap or go crazy from that, nothing will. If I was a criminal I would never talk for Batman. I vote yes to robin. Either Grayson or Drake.
Joker has Joker immunity. Batman tried to kill him, but Superman stopped him. Batman then confronted Joker on a helicopter, Joker got shot in the heart and the helicopter crashed, Superman rescued Batman from drowning (he didn't want to surface).

Truth is, Batman did go crazy (moreso) after Jason's death, which gave us the highlights of Bruce deciding to try and kick the crap out of Dick, leaving him crying in the cave and telling him not to return. Jason's death defined Batman comics, and the lack of resolution (it was intended to eventually lead to DKR) plagued the Bat-verse, creating what is knoen as the era of the Bat-jerk/Bat-dick etc. until the 21st Century. It was Tim who pulled him out of it.

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Was Jason Bruce's adopted son? Like what did people think about Jason dying? Did Bruce have to create some story about his death? Does Gotham know that Jason lived with Bruce and that he died?
Jason was the first to be adopted. Gotham knows exactly (minus the clothes) what happened. Jason discovered his birth mother was still alive, he went ahead to meet her, Bruce came out later, but Sheila was working with Joker, and Joker killed them both.

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