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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Skip the Jason Todd altogether. I never really liked it too much. It makes me hate Batman. How can you let Joker kill your partner? Joker should have had all his limbs broken to the point of being paralyzed at least. Batman is all talk sometime. Why would anyone fear him. If he didn't snap or go crazy from that, nothing will. If I was a criminal I would never talk for Batman. I vote yes to robin. Either Grayson or Drake.
I agree with just about everything here. I cant say it makes me hate batman that he didn't save him, because I like that he's not superpowered and sometimes he cant save everybody at the hands of Joker. I mean look at Rachel in Dark Knight, I loved what they did there. But we've now seen that in a movie so to have them show flashbacks of a similar thing happening with Jason (of course more torture is involved) or even just makes the general audience think of TDK as well as making fans expect some return from the "Red Hood". Which they shouldn't set themselves up for.

But yeah man, skip Jason Todd. Batman wasn't given the wrong address in order to save two good people that could benefit Gotham's future or a personal friend like in the movies. He could have saved Jason I guess. He should have done some serious damage to Joker afterwards. I say forget Drake as well since he deduced Wayne's identity which inspired the John Blake character.

Stick with Dick Grayson.

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