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Default Re: Rank the Marvel films

Genre essentials:
Films that every fan needs to see and that contributed to the history of the superhero genre in some massive way.

1. Iron Man- gave birth to the MCU, broke the Spider-Man formula and made Iron Man and A lister with the general public. Plus they had no working script, only an outline for much of production so the dialogue is priceless.
2. The Avengers- One of the largest scale crossovers ever and the third highest grossing film of all time. Duh.
3. Spider-Man (2002)- Regardless of what's cool to say this movie was so well received and successful it ushered in the massive wave of marvel properties onto the big screen and had a plot that was used as the basic mold for nearly every film to follow up til Iron Man and the Dark Knight.

Good enough to purchase:
Can pick it up and watch it again and again without it getting old.

1. X-Men First Class Reminded us that the X-Men are cool and didn't need Wolverine.
2. Spider-Man 2 One of the best superhero films of all time, the Train scene is a classic.
3. X-Men 2 Smart, Fun, great action, and does the best job of pulling off the multiple villains thing I've seen yet.
4. Iron Man 3 it opens with Blue-Eifel 65, is absolutely hilarious, and gives a much better follow up to Iron Man than it's predecessor.
5. Kick-Ass The X-Men First Class director does an amazing job here, not to mention Nicholas Cage essentially plays a cartoon version of himself. It does a great job satirizing the pre Avengers, post Spider-Man superhero clichés of the mid to late 2000s.
6. Thor Loki is awesome, the stories not fantastic but it's loads of fun, and for whatever reason it never seems to get too old.

Worth Watching:
Enjoyable and worth checking out at least once.

1. Incredible Hulk It's a thriller, it's got a Bourne vibe, hilarious Stan Lee cameo, but it is definitely just a popcorn flick.
2. Thor the Dark World Just another entry in the franchise, Thor doesn't change or grow much, but the story is interesting to watch, feels very serialized, but truthfully that's what I've been wanting for awhile. Besides theres a scene where Thor hangs his hammer on a coat hanger
3. Captain America The First Avenger I had the biggest geek out in the theater just trying to fathom that my friends who knew nothing about comics were watching a movie with me that had the cosmic cube and the Red Skull. Creepy pre-Cap Chris Evans killed it though.
4. Amazing Spider-Man My god was this a BAD and LAZY script, but Marc Webb has the same charm he did in 500 Days of Summer and the cast is very likable (giving a lot of promise to the sequel) so I'd say it's worth a watch but not a buy.
5. Spider-Man 3 It's not anywhere near as bad as people say it is, it's just poorly executed and could have been much more. Venoms fun at the end, there's some great moments (Peter pouring the sand out of his boot after fighting Sandman, Peter unlatching his Red and Blue costume) so overall it's worth a watch. Just don't expect Spider-Man 2 quality.
6. X-Men Magneto and Wolverine steal the show, probably the first comic book movie to attempt to ground itself in reality.

Absolute Crap
Disappointing movies that leave you feeling empty and frustrated.

1. Iron Man 2 Yeah this movie has lowered my expectations for every Marvel Cinematic Universe entry ever since.
2. X-Men the Last Stand Too stupid and campy for adults, too violent for kids, everyone dies, and the original director who wrote an awesome treatment with Sigorny Weaver as the villain ruined the movie because he left with Cyclops to go ruin Superman too.
3. Fantastic Four Doctor Doom has a metal penis at the end I kid you not...Human Torch and the Thing were pretty good though.
4. Ghost Rider Blackheart looks like an emo biker but Nicholas Cage is hilariously bad.
5. Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Silver Surfer has a penis in the trailer...I really don't get this, the movie is campy and cartoonish, but they feel the need to ground it to the point they make everyone anatomically correct?
6. X-Men Origins Wolverine I didn't see it because I was going through my phase of in high school of being too cool for nerdy things that I love. Still when ever it's on TV I change the channel, the CGI is laughably bad. At least Wolverine doesn't have an adamantium penis which I'm sure Tim Story would have been sure to know, to ground the film.
7. Daredevil Daredevil jumps like 20 feet in the air onto a church organ after being stabbed in the chest. Also Matt Murdock picks up a girl by stalking her and beating her up on a playground...
8. Kick-Ass 2 In 2010 it was relevant to satirize Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films and their clichés. In 2013 it just feels like it was written by the kid from high school that always jumped on last years bandwagons oblivious to the fact a new fad had taken it's place.
9. Hulk I really don't understand this movie or care to attempt to, obviously neither did many other people.

I Don't Understand Why You Decided to Watch This:
Did you think it would be good?

1.Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance was the last one just that good?
2. Punisher War Zone Why?
3. Elektra Marvels answer to Halle Berry's Catwoman.
4. Howard the Duck Because of course the guy that gave you Star Wars would choose Howard the Duck as his next big venture.

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