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Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
Madman as I recall has a least some shapeshifting ability. Sort of what Ironclad has going on with density manipulation, but also the ability to grow or shrink.

As for the U-Foes, they may have to be heavily adapted for movie use. Honestly, I don't see them even going down the emulation of Fantastic Four path. Is Simon still power hungry? Of course, why not. But they might as well substitute cosmic rays with gamma mutations. Maybe they're mercenaries hired and experimented on by the Leader? Maybe Simon becomes a business partner of sorts to Leader and negotiates for some of that sweet sweet product for him and his associates?

But yeah, since there's so little on their actual personalities, I'd be all for a serious revamp of their origin.
Red Hulk has additional powers to Hulk, and an entirely different skillset, but yeah, there's a blank slateishness there in the U-FOES, which can be good and bad. It means the truth is they're just there for their powers, and that can make for shallowness unless someone is incredibly creative with the story.

I really can't overstate how expensive it is to have four CGI characters onscreen at once in a live action movie. If you thought the Abomination fight was short... sheesh.

The origin doesn't need too too much. Vector hires Banner to help cure the Hulk, they bond over science, Banner AND Hulk feel accepted. Turns out it's really just to get the Gamma secret. Having Amadeus Cho and/or Kate Waynsboro involved might be nice too. It goes badly, the U-FOES are powered up, Hulk saves them, they hate him for doing it. (That's the problem with team villains, in order to unite them they become less deep/interchangeable). Vector would be the true villain, and the others would, essentially, be named henchmen ala The Brotherhood in X-Men. Vapor might get some slightly significant development. The U-Foes end up chasing him all over the country/world. He meets Rick Jones who helps him out, as well as his cousin Jennifer Walters, whom he helps out. Hulk fights the U-Foes one, then two, then finally four at a time. It must be established that any one of them can defeat the Hulk, so that having all four of them together represents an extreme challenge.

And he defeats them with science, with the help of Banner. Only by becoming a team can he defeat a team. Sounds like fun. The supporting cast: Cho, Waynesboro, Jones and Walters is very sound, very much from the comics and it gives Ruffahulk his own playground without deferring to Norton's Hulk at all. Very nice. It has potential. We won't see "much" of the U-Foes in action, but that's okay, I think.

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