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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition - Part 1

I know there are going to be layers to the character, she won't be black and white but Lawrence hasn't played a villain before so that's why I'm interested in how she is going to play Mystique this time out. I liked Mystique in First Class because she was young and just finding herself. I thought it was interesting seeing that side of the silent damaged killer that we got in the first 3 films. I suspect Mystique still isn't going to be exactly like the original version because the character is still young.

Listen I liked Romijn as Mystique, she is Mystique and nobody can take that away from her, and I liked the character but it was never the deepest character or greatest performance. And I actually think RR is a decent actress but the character didn't allow for an outstanding deep performance but she did great with what she had to work with.

Basically I hope Lawrence gets to add a little more depth to silent killer version of Mystique.

This post isn't about bashing or building up anyone by the way, I'm not into that crap which is why I avoid that vs thread like the ****ing plague.

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