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Default Re: Who Should Be The Big Bad In Thor 3?

Originally Posted by Closerframe View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I was thinking the same thing. I could honestly see Loki posing as Odin and when Thor returns, Loki will then reveal himself and by the end of the film, Thanos will come to Asgard and likely kill Loki and reclaim the Tesseract thus leading into The Avengers 3.
I could see that. Thanos could also use Surtur as a distraction. Not that the two would actively work together, but Thanos is pretty smart, he'd find a way to use another threat to help him achieve his goal. Even with Loki on the inside, it would be very difficult for him to break into the Vault and make it past all the Asgardians, especially Thor, when the Gauntlet isn't powered yet.

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