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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by Savage View Post
She seemed to get as much time as The Warrior's Three to me. Which is fitting for a side-character. Her feelings for Thor weren't the focus of the story but I'm glad that it was at least acknowledged. She still hasn't told him so I felt they did a good job dealing with it without turning the story into something else or adding an extra 30 minutes for a love sub-plot (not that I would complain). The way I see it, that leaves room for it to come up in a sequel and finally be confronted so that she gets a yes or no from Thor to resolve the matter.

I would've been pitching more of a fit if they just flat out ignored it like they've ignored her relation to Heimdall. Can't have time for everything, I suppose.
I didn't want an overly long love triangle either, but I wanted more than what we got, which was next to nothing. Taylor, Alexander, and others mentioned this sub-plot repeatedly before the movie came out, and it's not really even here, so that was disappointing. Also, Sif is a REALLY big deal in the Thor comics, but they've reduced her to a background character in the movies, which isn't cool. Give her SOMETHING to do. Why the Hell couldn't she have come along with Thor, Loki, and Jane? There was no good reason for that and it could have given her character at least a little development.

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