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Default Re: Spiderman in the Avengers "world"?

Kevin Feige is credited as an executive producer on Amazing Spiderman.

The deal Marvel studios tried to reach over the Oscorp tower appearing in Avengers shows they at least tried to work something out with Sony over the Spider-man rights..
I think maybe they did want Spider-man in the MCU, or referenced in it, but like others said Spidey doesn't need to be on the team.

Maybe they're still working out a way to connect things and it's something like Shield can't control things completely within the prisons in new york and Toomes/Vulture has control of the news, Ravencroft institute, and many things in New york after Lizard gets caught. Making Toomes a political/economic force to be reckoned with who even competes with Goblin in some ways. He'd own the daily bugle, employs jjj, forces him to skew the news even more against spider man, and could then keep the Sinister Six out of Shield's hands..

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