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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
I think it's more a case of people thinking it's a pointless triangle. It's barely touched upon to the point where it may as well not even be in the movie. Ms Alexander said she was suppose to have a large role in this, and frankly you can see it by the way the film is cut. It would actually have been nice to see her interact with Jane and see what Thor sees in her, although to be honest I don't think the Thor/Jane relationship has hit any real heights in the 2 films to date, it still feel more a case of their having to be a love interest because that's just what's suppose to happen.
It's not pointless. It's a subtle nod, a hint of possible things to come in future Thor adventures. ..... there are other things going on in the film that take higher priority. All hell breaks loose once Jane is on Asgard so I don't understand when/where Sif/Thor were supposed to have this huge blow up about a one-sided affection. It doesn't drive the story in any way and is simply a gratuitous idea.

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