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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

- The prologue with Bor. I thought it was the best fight sequence in the movie. The Einherjar fought like badasses and the light swords were a great touch. God I wish there would have been more of Bor. I liked him better than anything I've gotten from Hopkins' Odin.

- Captain America cameo ..... man that was a riot. People in my theater on both viewings laughed hysterically at that.

- Kurse ..... my favorite MCU villain right now. They completely nailed it with his design/look.

- Couldn't stop laughing at the pant-less scene for Selvig inside of Jane's apartment. Thor reaches for his hammer and Selvig delivers that "I better get my pants" line.
- CGI is top notch

- Heimdall kicking ass

- Frigga's funeral was beautiful

- The scene where Kurse kills Frigga and that lightening blast catches Malekith's face as Thor comes rushing in.

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