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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Beware...some spoilers below.

One word: CAMEO!
Mjolnir flying off planet to return to Thor's hand
The Stan Lee appearance and the mentally infirm "Can I have my shoe back?"...I laughed so hard at that.
The "Why are there so many shoes here?" comment in the cave...another good laugh
Darcy doing the WW2/V-day sailor-nurse kiss with the intern...and Darcy in the sailor role! (that was so Darcy...)
The funeral scene...the visuals were so stunning and such a tribute to Frigga and all the warriors who died
Loki/Thor scenes...Tom/Chris acting chemistry...'nuff said
The humour in general was great and really helped with suspension of disbelief in a movie with fantasy/sf and superhero elements
Black hole grenades...holy special fx!...made them really feel like a dangerous weapon
Jane and the humans having a pivotal role in the final battle, rather than simply needing saving
Jane being such a wonderful science geek as she is being diagnosed on Asgard ("It's a quantum entanglement scanner, isn't it?") Ha!
Heimdall is just awesome when he takes down that entire ship
Selvig and Stonehenge...he looks so wild-eyed and bonkers; also the 'Loki's dead!' celebration and then the awkward hug to apologize and condole Thor...very funny
The portals and use of them added a lot to the final battle scene
Volstagg's reaction as he gets mass tackled by the guards
Having a director's/extended cut of the movie confirmed for a blu-ray release, and knowing about some of the extras it will have (Tom doing a Chris Evans impression, etc)

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