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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
I don't think that SR has a selfish Superman, if he was ..then he would have told Jason that he was his father, he would have asked Lois to forget about Richard.

He was not doing anything like that, he tried to talk to lois after Jimmy told Clark that Lois was still in love with "You know who", and that she was still in the"prolonged engagement", meaning that Lois could not forget Superman and she kept postponing marriage to Richard.

The last scene in SR is emotional where Supes talks to Jason while he is sleeping about "Father becomes the son", which showed that he became aware about the existence of his son only towards the end of the movie.
No, I wouldnt describe the character in SR as selfish at all, he never forced himself onto Lois or into her life in a way which would have effected it. He was given strong hints that she still loved Superman early on in the movie when he 1st comes back.

He then goes about trying to find out if this is true or not. This makes him do some questionable things, like listening to Lois' and Richards conversation, but he had been away for 5 years and wanted to see the woman he loved as much as possible. She tells Richard she didnt love him, he flies away and leaves it at that.

Then when he gets the chance, he confronts Lois himself on the rooftop, there she tells him essentially she is still with Richard, after that Superman drop it for the rest of the movie. Not selfish, he just wanted to know were he stood, which is what people in love do.

Also, he went to Kryptons ruins because he felt alone in the universe, the whole theme of the movie is alienation and it is spelled out on the scrabble board at the farm at the start. He feels alone, and then to get back and realise that he pushed away the one person who loves him more than anything was gut wrenching to him, hence him trying to repair things with Lois. To then find out at the end that there WAS someone like him on Earth afterall was one of the few moments of genuine happiness he had the film. He has a son, someone who will experience all Kal-El did when he was growing up, he wasnt alienated from the human race anymore, he was more tied to it than ever through having a half kryptonian/half human son and after searching for all those years finally found his place in the universe. It was touching stuff to me.

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