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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 7

I like a lot of what they did in "The Batman" and feel stylistically it's one of the best versions done in an animated series... but there is still a big translation for it to be done real world style.
A Batman or Nightwing walking around in a body-size condom with a Ken-doll-codpiece may work in comic books to show awesome body definition, but will never transfer to the big screen, no matter what colors they use. Might as well have a bunch of Dr. Manhattans walking around on set fighting each other. I see your schwartz is as big as mine!
Batman is a non-super-powered human... a super-hero working with and sometimes fighting against super-beings. Alla Tony Stark/Ironman he uses great intellect, ingenuity, tech, and even more-so skill to get the job done.
His suit may be done in the Jim Lee look(and there are many variations he draws as people here have shown), but most likely should be done towards the 52 style with some protection for a guy who has bested street thugs and villains for quite a few years. Batman wants to fight crime as long as he can, he doesn't have a death wish, so he's going to have some protection layered into the suit he's wearing so he can keep doing that job he must for those who can't.
They may use similar suit building techniques here in the real world for creating it, but it will not be a MOS chainmaille Superman suit because his is alien tech and Batman's is man-built in that movie magic universe.

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