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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

The opening sequence between Asgard and The Dark Elves, it was AMAZING!

Bor himself, extremely well cast and portrayed

The entire main cast

How Thor punked the whole Marauder army

The Warrior's Three were much better here than in Thor 1

Hogun getting his comic book beard YESSSSSS!

Still impressed that a Kronan appeared on the big screen

Asgard's invasion, especially Heimdall and Frigga's scenes

Visuals from the set designs and the FX down to the costumes, PERFECTION

Those black hole grenades, they were very inventive

Mjolnir constantly surging with lighting

The Dark Elf home world, I love how it contrasted with Asgard

Malekith - I can see why most wanted more but I was pleased overall

Kurse - OMG probably the most bad ass villain in the entire MCU

Thor vs Kurse, I didn't mind Thor getting pummeled

Loki's new shape shifting abilities, the Cap cameo was brilliant

Most of the final battle

90% of the humor

The artwork during the credits

Both the mid credit and end credit scenes

I even liked Ian, more so than Darcy even

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