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Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post

Yes, I forget this concept of avoiding the superhero to be the superhero.

It's not "just a name." It defines him and it's given for a reason.

But once he's just one of the Kryptonians, then the whole thing loses its weight, no matter if they want to call him Superman in the second or third movie.

Or called Clark the "Fifth Kryptonian."

Oh yes, we all know that only teenagers fall in love. Not men. Adults punch their problems away.
They weren't avoiding the superhero notion. They were sticking with how they wanted portray the story. Hey you don't like, it's cool. Many feel that he wasn't Superman in this film. Snyder and Co may agree.

I know you value the myth and wonder of SUPERMAN. So do I, but having other Kryptonian around doesn't mean he can't be Superman. It doesn't diminish the name.

Hey Superman can be mopy in SR, that's fine. But put that on the lifetime channel. I don't want my hero in full costume watching his ex girlfriend get undressed via x-ray vision.

And with Kal the only one with an S on his chest, I think they will be inclined to call him Superman.

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