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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

I can't comment on power levels, as I lost track of these characters years ago....and I'm a DC fan, sorry.
However, I have always been partial to the Surfer, because, well because he's cool.
He used to be Galactus' ***** and then stood up for what's right.

Anyway, in terms of power, the Surfer's power is probably more versatile, in terms of rearranging matter, manipulating energy (can Thor practically bring someone back to life ?)
In those terms, the Surfer is more powerful.

However, in terms of raw strength, and hitting power Thor is probably much stronger, with the Surfer only able to compete if he puts all his cosmic power into augmenting his strength.

In terms of who'd win in a fight (yes, I know this thread is "who's more powerful" but we all are thinking this anyway).....

Much like Hulk v Thor, I think it depends on territorial advantage.
If the fight happens in space, or a hostile alien environment, the Surfer wins, no question.

If the fight happens on Earth's surface or within the atmosphere, Thor has a big advantage, and given his fighting skills and weather powers, could take the Surfer down.

Unlike Superman, who gets pissed off when hit by hammers, the Surfer is innately peaceful, so Thor would be able to get in quite a few shots before he retaliates.

Like I said though, I'm not up with who's power is where, it seems like writers change hero's power levels all the time ( I'm a Superman fan, so I'm used to this), which is annoying but understandable.

If anything, the competition should take place either when the characters are at their
weakest or most powerful.

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