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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

I don't think Dofp should be the end, it's just the end of one timeline. This is time travel, its not going to happen without some changes otherwise whats the point? The OT is relevant because it leads to the end, DOFP. BUT, in that end there is a new beginning.

If they make a new OT era movie afterwards, it will be a reminder of everything that happened originally because if the OT never happened it wouldn't have led to the Sentinels which led to the past altering that led to the new timeline.

This is better than a reboot IMO because these actors are the characters. At least some of them are finally grown into their roles like Paquin. And its cool because its time travel. The OT had to happen the way it did in order for DOFP to happen. So it still exists in the continuity as the glue that holds the whole universe together.

Also there is a difference with the comic because the future in the comic was brand new world where as the future in the movie is our classic characters and the past is a different animal entirely. In the comic they did alter the future because its 2013 now in the comics and its not days of future past

And the Trek 09 movie isn't relevant. That was a cop out to reboot the series without upsetting fans. It was all recasting... And the villain and time travel story were random and not based on anything from before. This on the other hand has been building since X1 and is based off a classic comic. And the younger characters already exist in their own movie. Its a brilliant move I think

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