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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

I'm anti reboot too but only certain ones. Like rebooting Batman so soon is a no no for me. However Man of Steel makes sense because it's kind of the modern Superman. Singer wasn't doing Superman Returns Returns (which was a continuation of a 1970s series) so yeah we needed a reboot. which is why I'm anti Batman vs Superman, I think it should be Christian Bale. But that's because it's so close to TDK films.

Reboots like Casino Royale and Batman Begins are necessary because they were so so drastically different from what came before and closer to the source material so it was okay. This new Terminator reboot sounds ridiculous to me though. Because it's not taking something from a book or comic it's rebooting a movie. Though if they rebooted X-Men completely I'd be pretty upset because I like the actors and the tone and everything, which is why I like the idea of altering history. It's not like it's a foreign concept in X-Men lore, it happens all the damn time. So this isn't something out of left field. There are still stories to tell with these actors and characters.

And I'm a huge Star Trek fan. My reason for not liking Star Trek 09 wasn't exactly because it was a reboot of sorts...I just didn't like the movie. However Into Darkness I loved because it felt more like Star Trek and started reintroducing things from the shows. I still don't think it beats DS9 as far as darkness, action or characters so it doesn't matter to me... what bothers me most about it are the people who think it's the only good Star Trek because it's more moderny. That angers me. People need an excuse to get geeky so they wait for the modern movie adaptations instead of getting into the serious ****.

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