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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
Have you ever heard of a guy named SUPERMAN. There was a highly loved serial of the character made in the 40's. The story of his birth on Krypton and then coming to Earth and becoming a superpowered hero was told then. If people had thought like you did....then never would have been a six season run of a beloved Superman series in the 50's....or the beloved run of Chris Reeve Superman movies in the 70's and 80's....or any of the other multiple TV series and theatrical releases made about the character over the next few decades up to a recent hit movie about the character. Do you like BATMAN? Not Bale or Keaton or West or Kilmer or Clooney.....I'm talking about the first BATMAN, Lewis Wilson. He made a BATMAN serial back in 1943. There is no need to make any more Batman movies or TV shows...because he already did it. We don't need any reboots of the character. I sure hope you haven't watched any reboots of the character. As I think about it...your choices of comic book shows to watch is getting pretty thin....because most of the recent characters seen have been see before. You shouldn't watch the new THOR movie because THOR appeared in a HULK TV movie back in 1988....and of course DareDevil was in the 89' HULK TV movie, so he can't be watched again. Captain America....serial in the 40's, 2 TV movies in the 70's, limited theatrical release in the 90's....he's already been done 4 times, no need to see the new movie. Yep....things are getting slim.

At least you have the original XMEN DVDs you can watch......and rewatch.....and rewatch.....

Me....I try to watch all comic related movies ever made. But I'm an old grumpy man who has lost his sense of adventure and wonderment at new things....wait....who am I describing there......

I just can't understand his mentality on this topic. A lot of films that I love are being remade but I'll still give them a chance. I loooove the original Dawn of the Dead and surprisingly found the remake to be pretty good as an example. Hell, some remakes turn out to be better than the original at times.

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