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Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
It's probably Hawkeye. He has the most useless skillset of any Avenger and he'll never get his own solo film. I'd bank on a Black Widow or War Machine film before Hawkeye gets one. Joss is probably going to flesh him out, make him likable and then get him killed by Ultron which will resolve the love triangle with Cap and Black Widow.

Like I can't imagine an Avengers film without Iron Man and Captain America. Thor probably won't die until a Ragnarok film comes, Black Widow dying will piss off all the female fans and kids love Hulk too much for him to perish. That leaves Hawkeye with the noose around his neck.
I agree with you but i have to be careful because the hawkeye fans will kill you for stating the obvious. The fact is hawkeye or bwidow are ripe too be killed off, i mean from a skill-set pov lets face it the avengers could have won that fight without one of them. What did hawkeye do that anyone with a gun who is a good shot didnt do, and bwidow did some hand-to hand and shot the bad guys, well most shield agents can do that.(doesnt mean they should be on a team with gods and iron men. For those who would say "what about cap" The very nature of who and what (super soldier) he is, is to important to the world that has been set up. He is the worlds only super soldier. Of course other factors are involved in making a movie and who should be killed off, but i think the most human team members are on the kill sheet.

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