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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Never heard that one^^

There was some rumor about him wanting more money because RDJ gets paid like 10 times as much as everyone else, but that seems like bull too

And honestly, Hemsworth seems to have the easiest time out of any current superhero actor pulling off the physique.

Jackman talks about all the dieting and exercize and asking Rock for help, and how tough it is to be 40 and doing that
Chris Evans talks about it like it's absolute hell, because he is a skinnier dude and it's tough

Whereas, when asked about his workout, Hemsworth just kinda says "Eh, I eat more and work out and stuff"
It seems to be no big deal for him.
Did anyone see Hemsworth on Jimmy Kimmel?? He hit that carnival hammer game one handed with a prop mjonir and sent it flying, after saying he had to slim down for that Melville's-inspiration movie he's working on.... he really is Thor.

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