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Default Re: The Chitauri vs The Dark Elves

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I have a theory as to why the Chitauri were like that. I think they're all re-animated dead aliens anyway. I mean just look at them, they look like corpses. And they work for Thanos and we all know about his relationship with death.

And honestly I gotta say that I see a little resemblance to Beta Ray Bill's alien race in how the Chitauri-faces look. Maybe they're all Korbinites. Maybe Thanos killed their whole race and brought them back through his alien science as his slave army. Just a thought.
I like that theory, a lot.
Dunno if it has to be specifically Korbinites, though, but alien undead = win.

If it was Korbinites, though, Beta Ray Bill would become a more single-minded Thanos-hunter than Drax or even Adam Warlock.


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