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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
With Daredevil they tried a spin off and it bombed badly. With FF there isn't really any spin-off potential there (from reports the Surfer & Galactus are considered as a separate deal, though I stand to be corrected on that if anyone has better info).

With X-Men though Fox can extend the rights with any X-Men related title. 'The Wolverine' reset the timer for example. A Deadpool flick in between an X-Men film would that too. As would X-Force, X-Factor etc. The list of mutant characters or mutant books to play with is rather extensive.

And Fox do have the movie rights to all of Marvels mutants with (afaik) just a couple of overlaps (Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch).

Edit: There is one exception in Namor.
Yes, I know, which makes me wonder if Fox has considered making a spin-off featuring a lesser known character or team just to give the core films a rest between the current franchise and a potential reboot.

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