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Default Post your Favourite Thor Smackdown ! Comic book or movie

Over the years the mighty Thor has dished out some mighty smackdowns.
Post your favourite here, from the comics or the movies !

This is a shout out (and a bit of an apology) to Big Thor and Mjolnir, and all the Asgardi-fans that I have offended with some of my comments about the
Mighty Hammer Wielder.

Tell us about your favourite Thor victory, and why it's so great !

I 'll start. My favourite Thor smackdown comes from the

Walt Simonson run on Thor in the 80's.....THOR BEATS DEATH !

Yup, Thor fights Hel, the goddess who embodies death and sorts her
out !

Sadly, he pays a huge price, he's scarred and cursed with brittle bones,
but regardless, he beat death itself (or as close as you can get anyway)
which is a pretty massive Smackdown (let's see the Hulk do that !)

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