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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

MOS has extreme positives and and a lot of modest negatives. Thor:TDW was just a decent quality film with nothing that really makes it stand out. The things that's sad is that I believe that the Thor films could be the best MCU franchises out there. Its just that they keep under representing Thor's powers and abilities and the scale at with he can use them. Mjolnir doesn't feel as special as it does in the comics. Then on top of that so far in the phase two movies It doesn't feels like the directors and writers are mapping out the characters power levels, defensive levels, and speed levels and give them rules to operate by. It's like everything that they do in the phase two movies are just plot device related and doesn't have any consistency.

Ex. In Thor: The Dark World Thor couldn't damage Kurse with Mjolnir, the second most powerful weapon in Asgard behind Odin spear, but Loki can run Kurse though with a normal Asgardian sword and kill him instantly with a Dark Elf gravity grenade. Thor's hammer can't penatrate Malekith defensive but the metal in Erik Selvig device was strong enough to impale Malekith.

Ex. In Ironman 3 Killian can regenerate from being blown to pieces but Eric Savin died after getting a hole blown threw him even though they have the exact same powers. Here is the really big one the Extremis soldiers easily take skin and limbs damage but there skin and limbs are strong enough to rip though a titanium suit like paper.

There was a consistency in all the power level, defensive level, and speed level in the phase one movies and in The Avenger but in the Phase two movies it like all the action sequences are just dictated by plot devices.

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