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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

I want it to change, and I really do think it should change. Not necessarily a radical change, but a significant and noticeable change from what was in MOS.

What they did in MOS is fine, but whatever design they go with needs to be brought closer to whatever the Batman design will be. Batman and Superman's suits need to have a very similar visual aesthetic. And due to the very alien nature of it, thats not possible if the suit is left as-is.

And honestly, that, in and of itself, could be a reason why he changes it in the film: Its too alien. Or rather, to similar to that of Zod and his crew.

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Yeah, I'm just worried that if Pan of Steel isn't widely accepted by the audience and critics, they might try to shoehorn Pinocchio into the sequel, and we all know how long Hollywood has been trying to do a 'Pan vs Pinocchio' team up movie.
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