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Default Re: The Chitauri vs The Dark Elves

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
Dark Elves were better characters, less intricate but better overall design in my opinion. It was more inspired.

As for a fire fight, I'm torn. The Dark Elves have the superior weapons it seems, especially those grenades. But the vast number of soldiers the Chitauri have, plus the whales would make things very interesting. I'm thinking the whales would make a huge difference. The only chance to stop them is those grednades and I'm not totally sure they could make that happen while dealing with soldiers on the ground and the chariots.

And don't tell me Kurse could bring the whales down himself. Hulk struggled, and Kurse is nothing like Hulk.
Watch that scene again, Hulk didn't struggle at all he did it with one rather effortless punch. Yeah his foot slid back a few inches but that's about it and what do you mean Kurse is nothing like Hulk?

Did you not see what Kurse did to Thor, Hulk didn't come close to that plus Kurse was far more intelligent. His punches seemed more powerful than Hulk's did against Thor not to mention Thor's punches didn't budge Kurse while they spun Hulk 360 degrees. Also did you not see how casually Kurse deflected a lighting charged Mjolnir, you honestly can't be serious.

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