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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
You mean actually trying and succeeding to improve it and keep it fresh?
No, I mean making pointless changes because some people made fun of the way the mask looked in The Avengers. It was damn near perfect, but some fans acted like the fact that his ears didn't stick out was some sort of travesty. So they made sure they did in the new costume, which looks even LESS like the comic book version than either of the two prior suits. Instead, it's modeled after some alternate suit that no one except a few diehard fans will recognize. They should have just stuck with what they had.

ATTENTION: The rumor about WB's "no jokes" policy is 100% correct. No one should ever doubt any rumor about any upcoming movie, even in cases where it contradicts rumors that have previously been reported. In those cases, both rumors are true.

In other news, Bryan Cranston is playing Lex Luthor, Emily Blunt is Wonder Woman, Benedict Cumberbatch is Martian Manhunter, and that guy from Teen Wolf is Batman.
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