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Default Re: Michael Jackson II: Legendary Redux!

Oh, yes.

He claims Michael would dress up as a woman and go out and meet men at night for sex :/

I have Taraborrelli's book. I'm still unsure of it.
But he still places doubts towards Michael's innocence here and there. What's worse, he claims to be a friend...

Frank is a Godsend imo.

When Scott Thorson claimed he and Michael had an affair during the 80's back in 2004(?)
Frank came out with a long letter on a website.
He claimed to know all the secrets of Michael's life with women, and I believe him.
He told us a few things back then, that was only revealed publicly after Michael died. That he and Lisa had been friends with benefits for years after they divorced. Lisa told us that back in 2011. Frank knew it before the world did.
And that Michael had an affair with a once great singer that people didn't care for anymore, which was revealed to be Whitney Houston after she died.

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