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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Well, that sounds reasonable enough - and a good use of both existing casts. That's the most flexible you've been on here lately regarding the X-Men films

I have to say that I'm not opposed to further X-Men movies as long as they are good - and as long as they keep continuity as part of an overarching saga. I'm also not opposed to an eventual reboot as long as it can find a fresh way to present the X-Men on screen. That shouldn't be too difficult considering how different some portrayals are from the original source.

Fox is going to carry on making these movies in order to retain the rights, and because they are running a business to make money. If you don't like the idea, or the trailers for the resulting movies, then you have the choice not to see them.

My hope is that they really begin to value the concept of a 'movieverse' with continuity and connectivity rather than the somewhat piecemeal approach that has occurred in the past. A friend of mine remarked that the X-Men films were 'not a franchise' because they are made one at a time, depending on box office success. Unlike Marvel Studios, there does not appear to be a grand overall vision that they weave stories around.
I hate to tell people reality Is most franchises are not done with plans years In advance.

It's easy to make plans when a studio does nothing but make comic films.

Your just Inviting the MS VS everyone else debate again which I am going to

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