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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I still don't hate Superman Returns. I used to adore it for the unabashed love letter to Donner that it was, but over time the film has gotten stale. Stale in tone and and stale in story. It's so concerned with recapturing that magic of the first two films it forgets to have it's own identity, leaving the film feeling oddly cold and distant. It had moments, small moments of shining goodness. The action was very fun to watch and I loved Spacey as Lex, but Routh seemed lost on the shuffle of Lois and Lex. I think Lois had more dialogue than Clark and Supes combined. To make it worse she was just characterized without any heart or soul.
I wouldn't hate the "Superman with a son" angle if it was written with any sort of clarity. The rooftop scene with Lois worked, the only interaction with Lex and Supes worked, the airplane scene in still one of the best superhero moments in film history, the finale is rousing and well constructed and John Ottmans score is at times wonderful.

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