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Default Re: The Chitauri vs The Dark Elves

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
I do need to see TDW again and refresh myself on that fight. But my point was that its not like Hulk was just walking around destroying them completely at will. He killed that one by himself, pulled one down, had help from Thor killing another. And Kurse is only one man. If the Chitauri had sent the whales they had still through the portal, its not like Hulk would've been able to take them all with ease.

I do need to see TDW again and reexamine Kurse. But a part of me is still thinking Hulk could take him. He's virtually indestructible, while, even though Kurse is close to it, he had that blade go through him with ease. Hulk was getting shot with 50 cal bullets and didn't flinch.

I guess I'll have to watch them both again... Darn.... Haha.
Well Hulk has yet to be stabbed by an Asgardian or Dark Elf Spear (I dont know which) like Kurse was, it's not like he was stabbed a regular ol run of the mill blade.

That blade was created to fight either Asgardians or Dark Elfs so it only makes sense that it would hurt Kurse.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I've considered this. I'd say its just barely possible. . . however, it'd probably require someone actually finding and fetching him to be credible. So, if Thanos comes along with a personally assembled hit team of badness, I'd buy it if one of them was Kurse, who he found on the far side of a black hole, still clinging to something that could be called life, and given new power and purpose. . .

New purpose yes, but I think he already has power in SPADES so that part should stay exactly the same.

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